Drunk-dialling at 5pm?!

Just a quick update (I’ll have to think of a name for these. Perhaps [aside]?)

Anyway. Friday night gets started early with basically all the men I’m communicating with online, flooding my inbox! Who would have thought?! I just need to learn how to turn these cyber-communications into the chance of a flesh-meet. Any tips?!


it starts…


it starts...

In the hope of inspiring my (mostly coupled) friends to shout out some advice over my way, I am kicking off a blog about the dating escapades and related road blocks and speed humps i come across.

So let me start with some background to “why this blog?”.  At the request of a good friend, who lives in Berlin, I am now recording my (- let’s call them – ) episodes online for her enjoyment.  With the effort I’m supposedly going to be putting into this space, I’d like some feedback in return.  So as you read, if you have any comments or questions, I’d certainly appreciate hearing from you!  (Even if – as with most advice – I don’t take it!).

I ask you not to hold this space to any literary standards, as I spend a good part of my life staring at screens of numbers, so feel it wouldn’t be fair to judge me on my lack of literary imagination and my multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes.  Yes, I, like you, get annoyed at people who can’t tell the difference between your, and you’re; and their, there, and they’re; and witch and which et al, but it turns out – I at times have trouble remembering!

More background, you ask?!  Well, I will try to fill-in any relevant back story, however at this point in time, I have dipped my foot – who’s kidding, I’m waist-deep – into the online dating world.  It’s been an interesting 3 weeks, however I am yet to meet anyone in the flesh.  It only just dawned on me this week that perhaps my priorities are not yet in the right place, and I really haven’t given any thought to future follow-through*.  So, (friends, don’t be mad!) I’m going to try and make an effort in the coming weeks (or however long this feeling lasts; 2 days?) to prioritising meeting new people above catch-ups with friends.


* This I truly believe stems from a life-long goal of living in the now, and an aversion (commitmentphobic nerves) to making concrete future plans.  I’m sure I’ll come back to this point again.